Give your challenge a name. The name will not be displayed with your challenge. This is just for you to make it easy to check your challenge's current status after submission.


Write a description of your challenge. Make sure it's as clear as possible, but don't add more details than absolutely nessesary!


Here you'll add the conditions for your challenge. Write each condition on a new line. Conditions should at least include:

  • - The name of the function to use

Add an example of how your tests look like and what it should return. For example:

  • `yourFunction(parameter);` should return: `result`.

Be sure to include the ` ! If you don't, Bobsbotty will send your example as normal text to Gitter chat, which might be unclear for those trying to solve your challenge.


Add each of your tests here. Make sure that each test is valid Javascript syntax and ends with a semicolon (;)! Otherwise the server will return a Javascript error and it might not be clear that it's one of your tests that caused it. Your challenge should at least have 5 tests.

If your challenge returns an array, make sure to add a condition explaining that the result must be JSON stringified! Put the array in the expected result like:

  • ['result-1','result-2']

Lastly, add a possible solution to your challenge. This solution will only be used to verify there's a working solution to your challenge. In case no one has been able to solve your challenge, a Moderator is able to display this solution and allow Bobsbotty to load a new challenge. Make sure there are no syntax errors before submitting!

Please verify that you're a human being.